Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Solution for Immune Related Problems
Usage instruction
Immune Boosting
S.I.V.A Herbal Drops
Adult: 10 drops preferably honey in empty stomach twice a day.
S.I.V.A Herbal Tonic for Pediatric use
1 to 3 years- 10ml once daily before food.4 years and above: 10ml twice daily before food.
In today's jet-set life style, due to change of food habits from natural to junk , shift of work hour drastically and hence change of biological clock of our body , home and work related stress etc coupled with continuous exposure to different types of pollution, there is obvious onslaught of whole host of germs and microbes round the clock on our body . Hence you will agree that developing a strong, robust body- defense mechanism is the need of the hour. Our Immune power has to be made stronger to such an extent that it can fight very effectively and efficiently those germs and microbes, pernicious to our body.

The Immune system has become a subject of great interest in the Medical science. Immunity, also known as Defence Mechanism, is a widely researched and discussed topic in the field of medicine. When the Defence Mechanism gets aborted, all kinds of diseases especially due to various microbes occur and concomitantly they destroy the host also. The protection and timely boosting of the Immune system is therefore inevitable for disease free life.

Though Modern Medical Science is working hard to develop a harmless solution to boost Human Immunity, a lot of work remaining tobe done.

From out of Research and Development done on managing immune system using traditional formulation is the development of S.I.V.A Herbal Drops from Dr. JRK's Siddha Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

S.I.V.A Herbal Drops is a Breakthrough formulation in the treatment of immune compromising diseases like Psoriasis, Vitiligo ect..

Siddha System of medicine prevalent and practiced mostly in South India is a system of medicine with 3000 years of heritage. Many of the formulations are rarely found in Ayurveda and other Indian System of medicine. One such formulation is SIVANAR VEMBU KUZHI THAILAM (S.I.V.A), bitter tasting oil extracted by novel research process of Dr. JRK's Siddha Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

This is a new and most needed drug for Immuno compromising diseases.

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