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Dano Dandruff

Dandruff is a major cosmetic problem that poses very great public health concern both in developed and developing countries. The problem manifest as profuse white to silvery powdery scales in the scalp region often with moderate to severe itching. Hair fall is also not uncommon in dandruff sufferers. Pityrosporum ovale, a yeast-like lipophilic basidiomycetes fungus, is considered to be the chief cause of the problem. Besides this, Candida species is also suspected in the disease process of dandruff.

Effective Treatment approach from Dr. JRK’sSiddha Research
Products for treatment of dandruff
Wash off product : Lumina Antidandruff Shampoo
Leave on Product : Dano Anti Dandruff Oil
·         Use of Lumina and Dano as combination therapy gives lustrous, smooth and Dandruff free hair.
·      Apply Lumina herbal shampoo on wet scalp and generate lather, using soft water to clean the scalp.
·         Pat dry hair.
·      Apply Dano after bath over the scalp and roots of hair. Daily use of Dano Anti Dandruff Oil is recommended.
There are no known contraindications.
Therapeutic properties of ingredients & Mechanism of action
Lumina herbal shampoo is presented with the goodness of several herbs that have excellent properties in improving the conditions of hair and preventing dandruff.
Aloe vera, Trigonella foenum Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
·         Improves hair strength, cools scalp and has excellent moisturizing effect.
Acacia sinuate, Psoralea corylifolia, Indigofera tinctoria
·         Are very effective in the management of dandruff and maintenance of pigmentation of hair and its follicle strength.
The Dano Anti-Dandruff oil contains the extracts of
·         Wrightia tinctoria (Indrajev), Cassia alata (Dadmari) and bitter fraction of Azadirachta indica (Neem or Nimba).
·         Sufficient support is available in the ancient Indian literature regarding the anti-dandruff activity of the above plant materials.

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